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Convince parents for love marriage mantra

Are you searching on internet about totka for love marriage then Our Astrologer who is world famous astrologer giving totka for love marriage services from more then 20 years with best records of success in this field . if you want to get complete details about totka for love marriage + something then our giving article and blog can help u to solve all problems. Here we will provide you complete solution with 100% privacy and Guaranteed way.

At present, the decision of the love marriage of youngsters is at the peak. But the problems arise when it comes to convincing parents for love marriage. Well, if you are in a similar situation then you can make use of love marriage mantra for getting parents’ consent for love marriage.

So, if you want to ensure your love marriage success. Contact our astrologer. He will provide you simple prayers and totke for making your parents agree to your love marriage decision that too within 24 hours. Love marriage problems can arise because of the following reasons.

  • Because of some flaws in your horoscope or because of your destiny
  • Because of your parents’ conservative thinking
  • Parents disagreement due to honour killing cases is on the rise
  • Intercaste is also a prominent reason beside parents’ disapproval for love marriage

No matter, whatever the reason is you will be helped by our love marriage specialist astrologer by using totka that can actually help you to convince your parents for love marriage even if it is in intercaste.

Most powerful simple Ganesha Mantra totka to convince parents for love marriage

Lord Ganesha is the God and giver of Asht Siddhi. By reciting Lord Ganesha Mantra you can fulfill your wish in a very short period of time. One such mantra to convince parents for love marriage is given below. This mantra is extraordinary, using this particular mantra, you can even find a loving partner. While you perform your pooja, just recite the following mantra:

“Ooommmmm Sharigaaneshammmmmm Vidhaneshammmmmmm Vivaaaahaharthaeeee Te Naamaahaaaaaaaaaa”

  1. You should recite this vashikaran mantra to convince parents for 108 times
  2. Wednesday is the best day to begin chanting this mantra
  3. keep the photo of your lover in your front while you are worshiping
  4. chant this mantra to convince parents for one maala for a period of 11 days

Thereafter, on reciting this mantra to convince parents for the desired marriage, your chances of getting parents’ approval for love marriage will increase for sure. 

However, if you are not interested in chanting mantra, you can get in touch with us to get to know about other simple totke for love marriage.

How to convince parents for love marriage in intercaste without hurting them in Hindi- by using totka

Love is incomplete without marriage. The problem an individual face is their parents as they don’t allow then for love marriage because they consider love marriage a sin. And an individual finds himself helpless when they get in such a situation where they cannot abandon their love and also cannot think of hurting their parents by doing love marriage without their consent. 

Well, you don’t have to worry if you are in a similar situation. Here we are going to reveal you a powerful tried and tested totka for love marriage. Please take a note that we are giving you mantra in Hindi here but in case you want whole information given here to convince parents for love marriage in Hindi. You can contact us. So here we go.

  • You need to First, wear black cloth
  • Then put a red thread on the statue and bind the red thread on your right hand
  • Then place coconut near the statue
  • Now place five black pepper grains on top of the effigy
  •  Then burn the fire from the screen
  • Now put salt in one hand and rice in another
  •  Now chant the Mantra 101 times below.

मन्त्र :

ॐ एआईएम ह्रीम कलीम कालिके ‘सरवन’ मम वषयं
कुरु, कुरु सरवन कमान मैं साध्य साध्य स्वाहा.”

  • Then make seven cycles of fire
  •  Now put half the rice in the fire 
  • Keep the salt on half the pupil and keep it with you
  • Wrap the rest of the material into black clothes. Then throw it in a river or lake.
  • After that, mix that salt with some food and feed your parents
  •  Your parents will surely get agree to you if you follow the above totka

Please note that it is necessary to consult our astrologer before using any totka for love marriage given here. Don’t worry this totka will not hurt your parents in any way. But will change their mind and make them agree with you.

Key points to remember if you are interested in doing the above totka for making your parents agree to your love marriage decision.

  1. Do this on Tuesday only
  2. Girls do not do this remedy in their menstrual period
  3. Do not try this remedy twice on your parents
  4. Properly recital of mantra

Prayers to convince parents for love marriage 

If you genuinely want your parents to get convinced of your decision for intercaste love marriage. Then prayers dedicated to different Hindu god can do the miracle for you. Especially, without hurting them. 

If you want no more obstacle that is creating a delay in your love marriage. Then you can surely contact our Love Marriage specialist to know more about how prayers works to convince parents

I hope by now everything is clear to you. So, don’t delay to make a wise decision to contact our astrologer to reach the destination of love i.e. marriage.

Thank You

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totka for love marriage

Puja For Love Marriage

Are you searching on internet about totka for love marriage then Our Astrologer who is world famous astrologer giving totka for love marriage services from more then 20 years with best records of success in this field . if you want to get complete details about totka for love marriage + something then our giving article and blog can help u to solve all problems. Here we will provide you complete solution with 100% privacy and Guaranteed way.

Love marriage is the dream of everybody. But there are a few fortunate enough who do love marriage without any delay and problem. If you are also facing problems in your love marriage, no matter what type of problem it is you can contact our astrologer for arranging a puja for love marriage success. Our astrologer will also provide you Radha Krishna Mantra that you have to recite at your home along with doing some easy totke for love marriage.

Believe me or not there are thousands of the mantra of different Hindu God are given in ancient religious Hindu Tantra Book. Like Vishnu mantra for love marriage, that you can use to solve each and every problem that is coming in your love marriage. If you are interested in using mantra than read this post completely to get the complete information of various spiritual methods to avoid any hurdle in your love marriage that can come in the future too.

So, are you excited to know about such mantras which can bring change in your life as per your wish? Then keep reading this article. But before starting let’s have a look over what you will get in this article further.

  • Prayer for love marriage
  • What is love marriage totke
  • Radha Krishna Mantra for love marriage [complete procedure]

Hindu God Prayers for love marriage success

Prayers are extreme as well as the most helpful source. With the help of which one can have easily achieved triumph over difficult to difficult tasks within a short period of time.

Prayers consist of a few hymns and are an easy way to sent voice directly to god. There is nothing that can match the power of prayers except some mantras. 

So, if you want to know about such prayers for love marriage then you can take the help of our specialist. Either you are doing other measures but we still suggest to do puja and prayer because there is no other medium better than it which could provide you instant relief. 

Totka for love marriage success    

There will be many people who are listening to the term First Time “Totka”. So before telling about what totke do can for you. I would like to introduce you first to the term Totka. 

Totka’s meaning is the solution to the particular problems by the spiritual method that is written by our ancient prestigious Sages. 

Now let’s see what you can achieve using apt totka as per your problem.

  1. You can get your parents agree to you love marriage decision
  2. You can make someone ready to marry you
  3. Make someone forgive you and marry you
  4. You can grab the attention of a person to attract him to marry you
  5. Simply put, you can remove any hurdle you totke for love marriage that is coming and delaying your marriage

So, if you are interested, you can contact us to get married to the person with whom you are deeply in love. Our specialist is an expert of all those totke and he can do on behalf of you can help you to make someone fall in love with you. As well as, if anyone is refusing you for love marriage. Then just only through this totka you can persuade that particular person. Besides this, you can also contact our astrologer for the black magic spell for love marriage. It is also a powerful ancient Indian art to fulfill the desire to marry a particular person.

Radha Krishna mantra puja for love marriage                                                    

Those love birds that face adverse scenarios and difficulties in doing marriage with their beloved; we suggest them to recite Radha Krishna mantra for love marriage. We are giving the mantra below, but consult our astrologer once before using the following mantra

 “Om Namah Krishna Devay Prema Rajaiya Valalbha Sarwa Mangla Pradyaka Namah”


This is the powerful Krishna Mantra you should recite this if you are willing to do love marriage. Lord Krishna is taken into account because of the incarnation of Lord Hindu deity Narayana.

  • Start reciting this mantra from while doing Krishna Puja on Krishna Janmashtmi
  • Recite daily 108 times
  • Offer Butter and Mishri to Lord Krishna
  • You can also offer Peacock Feather
  • This mantra is know to give quick results if you have true love, someone,

Recite this mantra until you get married. You can continue to recite this mantra even after marriage to peace in marriage and for prosperity. It invariably brings desired results, if you’d chant it with full devotion and trust.

For more mantra as well as Remedies for love marriage. Do contact our specialist.

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