Spells To Make Someone Stop Loving You


You can use the spells to make someone stop loving you. There is an extension to this that makes it possible to make the person stop loving. This will take only a few days to reveal its effect on the person.

Moreover, the person on whom you cast the spells To Make Someone Stop Loving You. Will take the action on the love they feel. No matter how close they are. Unless it is virtually impossible.



  • Get the sheet of paper and fold it in half.
  • Write the first and last name of the person you are casting the spells on the paper.
  •  If they have a nickname. Change their name but not too officially. Because they are transgender, put it in brackets by their name.
  • On the other hand, write the full name of the person you want them to stop loving.
  • After that put the item to represent love in the paper.
  • On the outside of the paper, on the same “page”. Where you wrote the name on the person.
  • Nowcast the love spell on, “I wish for you to stop loving the full name of the person you want them to stop loving.
  • Doesn’t matter if you don’t deliberately pronounce it wrong.
  • If you have feelings for them, let them die down. Let this come true.”
  • Hide the paper with the item somewhere, and make sure no one finds it until it seems to have worked. Then do what you want with it.


If you want to forget someone who has hurt you and made you suffer, this simple spells to To Make Someone Stop Loving will help you.  Or if you’ve become attached to someone in a way that is not healthy for you or them., It is best for everyone involves in this relationship that you can finally set them free. Start your new love lifecasting this spell to get over him. Moreover, forget your ex once and for all.

How to cast the Spells To Make Someone Stop Loving You:

  • Write on a piece of paper the full name of the person you want to forget.
  • Fold the paper several times until it becomes very small. As you do this, empty your mind and ask your Higher Self to let go of that person, releasing them forever.
  • Say the following chant out loud: “I RELEASE YOU AND I DECREE. IT’S BETTER FOR YOU AND ME”.
  • Take the paper and place it under the main door of your home.
  • The following morning, take the paper away from your home. If you practice Hoodoo Magic, leave it by a crossroads. For example, buried by the side of the road.
  • However, you can bury it in a garden or forest far from where you live. This act symbolizes release and liberation both for you and your ex.


Sometimes, when you can’t get someone off of your mind, they can even manage to find their way into your dreams. Trying to force yourself to stop thinking about the person doesn’t do much good. Since dreams, just kind of happen on their own.

It’s better to find a way to refocus your thoughts just before you fall asleep. For example, reading a book or meditating to empty your mind. If that doesn’t work, you may need to find a way to come to terms with your relationship or experiences with the person in question in order to oust them from your dreams once and for all.


QUESTION: Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them?

ANSWER: You cannot stop loving someone even though the situation becomes frustrating for them. If it is just lust, staying away will help. If you love the other person truly. Then that love will never fade. True love will never go away. And you cannot forget that person.

QUESTION: How do you force yourself to stop loving someone?


  1. End the relationship if you’re still together.
  2. Limit seeing the person you love.
  3. Unfollow, unfriend or block them on social media.
  4. Cut off any unnecessary communication with them.
  5. Avoid all your old spots.
  6. Take a vacation if possible.

QUESTION: How do you let go of someone you love?


  1. Start separating your emotional energy from theirs.
  2. Examine how the relationship wasn’t working in order to learn from it.
  3. Let yourself feel the grief associated with letting go.
  4. Use writing to tell the story and put things in perspective.
  5. Don’t assume their thoughts since you don’t know anyway.


Hope all you are in regard to forget your love. Or stop loving him/her are clear. If you still want to know the details. Please contact aghori baba ji.

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